In Saudi Arabia, a women-centric city may be just what the women there need. A utopian society where women hold all the cardsAccording to author Despite the obvious benefits, some feel the added isolation might only further degradation of women’s rights in a country where little prevail.

According to author Jean Brittingham (2012) this social experiment aimed at redefining sex relations in the Middle East as we know them was little more than a myth that created a whirlwind of widespread dissension country.

What are your thoughts?

Women not only often decide how family income gets spent, making 85% of these decisions (which is why there is so much money spent on selling to women) but they also make key decisions about everyday life such as the programming of family time, neighborhoods to live in, parks to frequent, and so on.
— Brittingham, J. (2012, 08, 27). What Would A City Run By Women Look Like? Co.Exist. Retrieved August 27, 2012, from
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