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Why You Should Anti the Anti-Vaxx Movement

Why You Should Anti the Anti-Vaxx Movement

There is a fair chance that you’ve heard the rumours that vaccinations are bad.  In fact, around 69% of Americans have heard the theory that the government and doctors alike continue to push vaccinations on us, even though they know that vaccines cause autism and other diseases.  What’s scarier is that around 20% of Americans actually believe it[1] – and the so-called ‘Anti-Vaxx’ group want to increase that number five-fold.  The question is though, are they right?


Scientific Evidence…

                  With such a vehemence of belief and a surprisingly large following, surely the anti-vaxx group base their campaign on strong scientific evidence.  Well, that’s partly true.  The group, endorsed by celebrities such as model and comedian Jenny McCarthy, fashion designer Kristin Cavallari, and radio host and attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr., argue their case based on one study published in the scientific Lancet journal in 1998.  The paper, authored by Andrew Wakefield, demonstrated that rates of autism were significantly higher in those who had been vaccinated with the MMR jab – the ‘all in on’ mumps, measles, and rubella vaccine.