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A Socioeconomic Perspective on Healthy Eating

A Socioeconomic Perspective on Healthy Eating

Socioeconomic status has a massive impact on a family's ability to develop healthier eating habits. The restriction to the proper data as well as the massive exposure to unhealthy alternatives such as fast food restaurants contribute to the dilemma.

There is no questioning the fact that there has been some quantum progressions made as far as informing Americans of the importance of eating healthy. Major organizations such as the American Heart Association and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have launched all-out campaigns to encourage better eating habits. With all that is being done to enhance the health of Americans, there is still a major concern when the issue of healthy eating is examined from a socioeconomic perspective.

There are numerous studies that reveal that socioeconomic factors such as education, income and ethnicity have an immense impact on how healthy eating is perceived and the level of access to healthier alternatives.

There are a number of variables that play a role in the disparity between those who more affluent and those who live below the poverty line.