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Red Wine: Miracle or Myth?

Red Wine: Miracle or Myth?

Red wine has been the centre of debate for some time now, and most people have heard that one glass a day is good for your health.  The miracle properties found in the odd glass of red wine, along with grapes, chocolate, and other natural sources, is attributed to the anti-oxidant resveratrol – and it is this belief that has led to a $30 billion boom of resveratrol supplement sales in the US alone[1].  But just what are the supposed miraculous benefits and are they all that they are claimed to be?  A recent study into the effects of resveratrol suggests that they are probably not. 

 The Wonder of Resveratrol

                  Over the past few years, resveratrol has often been put forward as an explanation for the famous ‘French Paradox’ – that is, for the inexplicably low rate of heart disease amongst the French, despite having diets that are high in fat and cholesterol.  The thing that they do have in common?  A high consumption of red wine, and thus, resveratrol.  In fact, resveratrol is attributed to aiding not only the fight against heart disease, but also many other factors too.