UrbanSculpt® is proud to introduce a complete line of household and personal care products and all-natural, certified organic honey's, teas, & coffee's that are healthier and safer for both you and the environment. Our mission is to provide you and your family with the highest quality products available in home and personal care on the market today. 

We at UrbanSculpt® stand behind our product line of environmentally friendly finds. Each item we offer has been tested for safety and quality, as well as a minimal environmental impact. 

As a company we look for ways to procure the best products with the smallest environmental footprint. We have scoured the globe to bring you the best in sustainably sourced products.  Check out our unique product line and place an order today. 

UrbanSculpt is your one stop shop for optimal wellness. A healthier world – and a healthier you – is waiting

Men's Skincare

Because men like to look, smell and feel great too, we stock a wide range of toiletries and personal care items for him as well as for her. From shampoo to shaving foam, deodorant to moisturizer, everything in our range of men’s personal care products is organic, cruelty free and as natural as it can be. For handsome guys who like to take care of themselves!

Cruelty Free Makeup

Sometimes, the labeling on cosmetics can be a little confusing. When you shop with UrbanSculpt you can rest assured that the cosmetics you buy are 100% cruelty free. That means they’re not tested on animals, many are suitable for vegetarians (or vegans) and – wherever possible - they are made with natural, Organic ingredients. Oh, and they make you look gorgeous too! You’ll find all the latest colors and miracle products here, from brands such as Beauty without Cruelty and Ecco Bella.

Baby & Toddler

From newborn babies to tumbling toddlers, every parent wants the very best for their little bundle of joy. That’s why we’ve worked hard to put together a range of top-quality Baby and Toddler Products to help you to take care of your little one, whilst also taking care of the world he or she will grow up in. 

A baby’s skin is super-sensitive and will absorb up to 60% of any product you use on it. Our baby skincare products are packed with Organic, natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals so you can feel confident that your child’s delicate skin is being cared for in the best way possible. They still make fabulously fun bubbles though!