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May 15, 2018

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OKOLOGIE.ORG Awards First Research Grant to Student of Chicana and Chicano Studies


OKOLOGIE.ORG, a California Non-profit organization is delighted to announce that a grant of $500 has been awarded to Jessica Orozco, a graduate of UC Davis, after her successful research into sanctioned residential segregation and its effects on educational success in the Los Angeles area. Orozco, who received the grant in February this year, will use the money to help towards costs associated with attending the NACCS Conference in the Chicana and Chicano Studies field. 

With around 2 million Chicano/Latino students in California, and only around 25,500 Chicano/Latino teachers to serve them, children are often only exposed to their ethnic culture twice a year – during Hispanic Heritage Month and Cinco de Mayo. Oklogie.org believe that Orozco's field of study is important, as it addresses the often-overlooked social, political, cultural, and economic conditions of the Chicano people.

Founder of the San Francisco based Okologie.org, Brenda D. Rivera-Billings, MSc, MPH says, "We're pleased to be able to help a future leader. We are so proud of the young people today." Okologie.org is a public health education and environmental research organization which aims to democratize public health and empower those in underprivileged communities, helping them to overcome the debilitating health effects often associated with ageism, environmental racism, and discrimination. 

As part of their mission, they use community outreach programs, education, and philanthropy to help improve the lives of those around them.  Rivera-Billings goes on to say, "at Okologie, we provide a holistic approach to reducing stress and instability, and achieving balance, wholeness, and happiness." 

For more information about the organization or to get involved in one of their programs, visit the site at okologie.org. 






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San Francisco, California—July 12, 2016 — UrbanSculpt LLC, announced today that it has agreed to become a subsidiary of Social Innovation Systems, Inc.,  a transition in structure from a traditional LLC to a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) domiciled in Delaware. Under the agreement, Social Innovation Systems, Inc., will provide structural management of the non-profit, educational, and pro-bono activities for UrbanSculpt, JurisTech, and ÖKOLOGIE.ORG. Through this conversion, UrbanSculpt joins more than 2,800 U.S. companies incorporated as Public Benefit Corporations across 30 states and the District of Columbia.  - US’s corporate headquarters will remain in San Francisco.

“From the inception of the company, our overarching purpose has been to bring public health and environmental health education to underserved communities,” said Brenda Billings, Founder, Principal Health Education Practitioner. “We recognized the enormous importance public health education as a public good. This inspired us to create a culture that combines a successful business enterprise with the ‘heart’ of a non-profit organization."   

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Social Innovation Systems, Inc, is required to balance the financial interests of its stockholders with the best interests of those stakeholders materially affected by its conduct, including particularly those impacted by the specific benefit purpose outlined in its certificate of incorporation. Social Innovation Systems’ public benefit is to produce a positive effect on society by offering public education and pro-bono business, legal, and management consulting mentorships, both online and within local communities. By doing so, Social Innovation Systems believes that it provides greater access to cost-effective, high-quality public health education and mentoring services in communities of need. 


UrbanSculpt LLC.

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UrbanSculpt LLC publishes new book “Chain Reaction: America’s Toxic Love Affair with Chain Restaurants.” Authored by Brenda Rivera-Billings, M.Sc. the book is a provocative exposé of the nation’s disastrous eating habits.

SAN FRANCISCO – UrbanSculpt LLC. is pleased to announce publication of a new book which delivers a shocking exposé of America’s life-threatening relationship with junk food.

The book, “Chain Reaction: America’s Toxic Love Affair with Chain Restaurants,” authored by Brenda Rivera-Billings, M.Sc., is now available on Amazon Kindle. ($2.99).

“Chain Reaction” lifts the lid off the multitude of ways in which today’s love of fast food and comfort food is having a devastating effect on the overall health of the nation.

Rivera-Billings said, “Many of our most beloved dishes act as toxic time bombs, contributing to an unsustainable health epidemic in our country. In my book I explain the grave risks that Americans face if they don’t pay attention to all of the urgent warning signs. I also clearly list the foods that we should avoid to get on the path to a life and a body that’s healthy and in balance.”

In “Chain Reaction,” which is part of UrbanSculpt’s Book-a-Day series, Rivera-Billings reports on one recent study which revealed that the comfort foods served up in several chain restaurants contained more than a whopping 5,000 calories in a single entrée, several times the entire recommended daily allowance.

Her book begins with a discussion of the revealing and groundbreaking 2004 documentary “Super Size Me” and explains how America’s lover affair with calorie-dense food began and grew, along with our waistlines. She goes on to outline the dangers of sugars, fats and salt and makes us aware of the deceptive marketing and labeling claims that permeate the industry.

About UrbanSculpt LLC

UrbanSculpt’s Book-a-Day series was developed to provide a knowledgeable, insightful and sometimes provocative perspective on issues surrounding environmental health, sustainability, positive sexuality, and whole-body wellness. Each volume typically contains less than 20,000 words and is designed to be read in a single, one-hour session.

About the Author

Brenda Rivera -Billings, M.Sc. is the Principal Health Education Practitioner for UrbanSculpt LLC, a San Francisco-based organization dedicated to promoting positive social change, sustainability, and environmental health through original health-education publishing, environmental health research, and B2B / B2C green product retail channels. Her research focuses on issues related to environment health, wellness counseling, positive sexuality, and women’s self-empowerment issues. Brenda graduated summa cum laude from a branch of Touro College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science Education specializing in Environmental Health. She also holds a Master of Science in Health Science Education.